So I started a new Pokémon team based off of the first generation Bionicles!

I think I still need to get one for Pohatu, which is this naggaPohatu

But I’m not sure who to choose for him!

Thinking maybe Hitmonlee because Pohatu was the kick-y one, but his element is rock.

Ideas peeps?

  1. boom-box-bob answered: geodude.
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  6. toa-kehuri answered: Rampardos? Ryhorn?
  7. logicalabsurdity answered: My sister says “if it is the one that kicks things, it is the correct one.” I will take her at her word because I am not the Pokenerd here.
  8. nroc-nuika answered: Rhyperior. Not so much kicking but his boulder club tail is like the kohli ball that came with the set.
  9. biotixtrue answered: Boldore?
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  11. the-nekozaya-oni answered: Hitmonlee or that blue one from Unova would work
  12. pkmnbreederethan answered: If you want a rock type i woud suggest Golem, Gigalith, or Sudowoodo
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